Hotels Close to Geneva Airport: Unparalleled Comfort and Alpine Elegance

Experience unmatched tranquility and style at Hotels Close to Geneva Airport, where La Mainaz Hotel offers an idyllic retreat steeped in modern luxury and alpine tradition.
Every room, from the Deluxe Balcony Rooms to our expansive Suites, is designed to provide a haven of comfort. Revel in the breathtaking views of the Jura forest, a natural habitat to the elusive chamois, all from the comfort of your room.
Each morning, awaken to a culinary delight with our complimentary buffet breakfast, where each dish is a testament to our dedication to quality, featuring locally-sourced products and the culinary excellence of our award-winning chef.
Your stay at La Mainaz Hotel is enhanced by a suite of premium amenities:
  • Deluxe Balcony Rooms with enchanting forest views and wildlife encounters
  • Complimentary gourmet breakfast, a showcase of local flavors and chef's specialties
  • Luxurious amenities to elevate your stay, including a Nespresso machine for your morning coffee and satellite TV for your entertainment
  • Accessible rooms designed for comfort and convenience, ensuring that all guests enjoy their stay to the fullest
Choose La Mainaz Hotel for an experience that combines the allure of nature with the pinnacle of hospitality, just a stone's throw from Geneva Airport.

Gastronomic Delights at Your Doorstep

At Hotels Close to Geneva Airport, culinary excellence awaits at La Table de La Mainaz. Here, the freshest local produce is transformed into flavorful masterpieces that capture the essence of the region.
The ambiance melds soft elegance with alpine coziness, providing a backdrop for a fine dining experience that will linger in your memory.
Alternatively, Le Panorama offers a rustic yet refined setting where traditional mountain decor and majestic views of Mont Blanc create a picturesque dining experience. Unwind at the Bar Lounge – Le 1720, where the warmth of the fireside invites you to relax with a handcrafted cocktail.
Delight in the unique offerings of our dining establishments:
  • La Table de La Mainaz serves local and seasonal cuisine, promising a gourmet journey with every bite.
  • Le Panorama envelops guests in a cozy mountain atmosphere, perfect for après-ski dining or a romantic meal.
  • Bar Lounge – Le 1720 is the ideal spot for fireside relaxation, offering a selection of cocktails and spirits in a tranquil setting.
Indulge in the rich flavors and warm hospitality of La Mainaz Hotel, a culinary haven nestled near Geneva Airport.

Adventures for an Unforgettable Weekend in the Jura

Discover the adventure that awaits at Hotels Close to Geneva Airport with La Mainaz as your base. Here, each season brings its unique charm and array of activities.
Winter transforms the Jura into a snowy wonderland, perfect for family skiing on slopes that seem to come from a dream. As the snow melts, the green of summer invites you to the golf courses and refreshing lake activities at Lac de Lamoura and Lac des Rousses.
Hike or bike along scenic trails, and be captivated by the region's pristine landscapes and abundant wildlife. Step back in time to explore the ancient dinosaur tracks at Jurainsic Parc, or soak in the living heritage of quaint, character-filled villages.
Your stay is packed with opportunities:
  • Skiing and winter sports with packages tailored for families
  • Golfing and lake activities to enjoy the summer's embrace
  • Dinosaur track exploration and cultural experiences that connect you to the past
Choose La Mainaz for a weekend filled with the natural wonders and historical treasures of the Jura, conveniently located near Geneva Airport.